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Name:ZS-1816 Automatic Thick Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine


Product Details


ZS-1816 Automatic Computerized Thick Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine is our newly designed automatic thick sheet vacuum forming machine, which is developed on the basis of foreign advance technology & craftwork, combined with actual domestic and customer’s demands. The machine adopt PLC ,Touch screen control system, Module temperature control system, automatic mould clamping system, and automatic feeding & unloading system. This machine is easy to operate and suitable for the Blister forming of  the thick sheets in big size and large quantity and difficult to demoulding. 

Technical Features:

1. This equipment has feeding-correction-heating-forming-unloading five working station; 

2. Automatic feeding system, repaid mould replacement, Automatic mould locking and Automatic stacking system can reduce staffing.

3. Control System: All control system Adopt PLC module, convenient and high efficiency.

4.  Adopt imported low-energy consumption heating elements, the heating system can be whole-process monitored.

5.  The Vacuum and Compressed air system can be precisely controlled by the control valves, solenoid valves and proportional valves.  

Technical data:


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The equipment is suitable for ABS, PP, PS, PVC, EPS, HIPS, PE, HDPE, PC, PMMA, EVA thermoplastic thick sheet vacuum forming and is an ideal processing machine for auto parts, sanitary wares, bags and light-fixture, sliding board, furniture, toys, advertising signs, traffic signs, apparatus (electrical) shell and inner bladder, plastic pallet and liners etc.

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