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Name:ZS - 6171 PLC Control Negative Pressure Automatic Forming Machine

Type:ZS - 6171

Product Details

ZS - 6171 PLC Control Negative Automatic Forming Machine adopt the latest international thermoforming technology and the Mechanical & Electrical Integration Design, PLC and Touch Screen Control, the whole system realize Human machine Interface. This equipment could finish the process of feeding, heating, forming, cutting, and piling in one time, it’s a ideal machine for thermoforming products and its production line.

Technical Features:

1、The machine was made up of Structure, Negative Pressure Forming system, temperature control system, Vacuum system and heating system, Pneumatic system, cutting system etc. 
2、Forming, cutting, piling and transforming could be finished synchronously, only need one people to do the packaging. Product is safe and sanitary, and no second pollution
3、Cutting, piling and feeding all controlled by Servo, accurate and no error. 
4、Adopt PLC and Touch Screen Control, Convenient in operation.
5、Manual and Auto operation is optional, suitable for workers at different skill level. Both Convex or Concave moulds could be used in this machine.

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Some parts Brand:

Technical Parameters:

 The equipment is suitable for ABS, PP, PS, PVC, EPS, HIPS, PE, HDPE, PC, PMMA, EVA thermoplastic thick sheet vacuum forming and is an ideal processing machine for auto parts, sanitary wares, bags and light-fixture, sliding board, furniture, toys, advertising signs, traffic signs, apparatus (electrical) shell and inner bladder, plastic pallet and liners etc. This equipment is widely used in the production of tray of Microwave Oven, disposable snack box, trays for seafood and moon cakes, bowl covers and cups, drinking cups, packaging boxes, flowerpot, daily blister packages, pharmaceutical blister packaging, liquor blister packaging and all kinds of electronic blister packaging in materials such as HIPS、PS、PP、PVC、PET、ABS HIPS, PE, HDPE, PC, PMMA, EVA  etc.

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