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Name:ZS-28 Relay Control Common Forming Machine


Product Details

1.Mechanical slice, Zhongzha electric adjustment and Pull in speed adjustment, Module temperature control system, imported heating elements.
2. Frequency conversion motor to pull material, Reducer  connected with the spindle directly, Double row chain transmission, can guarantee stability even in high speed; equipped with width adjust device, maximum utilization of plastic sheet/film, reduce waste of material and avoid any error.
3. The tablet compressing wheel equipped with unique baffler can guarantee accurate feeding and avoid any waste of material.

Main Technical Parameters:

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The equipment is suitable for ABS, PP, PS, PVC, EPS, HIPS, PE, HDPE, PC, PMMA, EVA thermoplastic thick sheet vacuum forming and is an ideal processing machine for auto parts, sanitary wares, bags and light-fixture, sliding board, furniture, toys, advertising signs, traffic signs, apparatus (electrical) shell and inner bladder, plastic pallet and liners etc.

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