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The advantage of Shanghai Zhanshi Mechanical Equipment
A:The first domestic manufacturer which is geared to international sheet thermoforming technology

01.Now we successfully solved the problem of sheet  drooping after heating, make the products which is difficult to unload the moulds much easier with functional equipments, make the replacement of Super moulds more safe, convenient, and rapid.
02.To meet the processing demands of super size thick sheet products, our vacuum forming machines can realize the function of Automatic feeding, automatic producing and automatic cutting etc.

B、Benchmark of the industry, Pioneer of the competitors
Our technology has always being imitated but never being surpassed. Many customers bought similar machines but lack of necessary functions from our rivals, and failed to make quality products, finally they turn to us.

C、The newly designed Automatic Positive and Negative Vacuum Forming Machine  High speed, High efficiency
Low cost
Our newly developed Automatic ( auto forming , auto punching, auto cutting and auto piling) Positive and Negative Vacuum Forming Machine has the character of high speed and high efficiency. Greatly reduced the labor costs and labor intensity. Changing the moulds more safe, convenient and repaid. The laser Knife moulds also could be used.

D、Always bear the principle of mutual benefit and have the capacity of independent R & D and innovation.
Since Founded in 2004, Shanghai Zhanshi Mechanical always insist the principle of mutual benefit. We not only have one professional marketing team which is customer oriented, but also have a technology R & D team which is leading by higher leaders of the company. We have the capacity of R & D and innovation and can design production line according to customer’s request.

E、Professional Site Management   100%  Qualified  Products
From the signing of the Purchase order – production Dept. –Stock – Inspection- Re-check in Assembly - Debugging and inspection- Transportation Dept., all above procedures will be whole-process monitored by site administrators. We must make sure the commodities which our customers received were all Qualified products.
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ADD:No.26 Kangyuan Road, Zhujiajiao Industrial Zone,